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Only 10 minutes away from the capital Victoria, Beau Vallon offers almost everything a visitor is looking for: a long beach surrounded by green nature, a place to eat and drink, relaxation facilities, water sports possibilities, and proximity to the real Seychellois life in the heart of Mahé.

Across the bay, you can see Silhouette Island and North Island.

The large bay closes in on a 3 kilometre crescent of floury sand and a lagoon ideal for swimming, snorkelling, diving, water-skiing, paragliding, fishing, jet-skiing or simply sightseeing on a glass-bottom boat. For lovers of nautical activities, the place is ideal for admiring the catamarans or other luxury yachts that anchor in this bay.

The water is deep enough for swimming, although you have to be careful not to swim in the areas where the fishermen land in their small boats. In the northern part of the beach, there are some excellent places for snorkeling, especially around the big granite rocks. Be careful of the Sea Urchins during low tide though even when wearing foot protection.

A Google reviewer wrote: “Tideless crystal clear beach. Kilometers of the seashore are recommendable for couples and families to have fun. Don’t miss water sports and underwater diving, it’s a one-time life experience and don’t miss the beautiful sunset too .its a paradise the paradise on earth

There are also luxury resorts located at Beau Vallon in the evening, you can admire the legendary sunset of Beau Vallon with a good sundowner.

Fine sand, a beautiful beach with crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, coral reefs… everything is there to brighten your stay. Spend some pleasant moments, relax and get away from it all. Ideal for a family picnic or in the company of your friends, Beau Vallon offers its visitors an easy way to relax. Its many interesting activities are a testament to this. No wonder it is one of the most popular beaches on Mahé.

We really like the Beau Vallon area for its beauty, and because it’s not completely deserted. It’s an excellent place to start your Seychelles holiday. In the area, you’ll find plenty of good restaurants like La Perle Noire and the La Plage. If you like to stay at Beau Vallon, discover the best hotels at Beau Vallon.

What we like at Beau Vallon

  • one of the longest beaches in the Seychelles
  • easy access by car, taxi, or bus
  • good for wakeboarding, water-skiing, and snorkelling
  • only beach for paragliding
  • many restaurants, pizzerias, food stalls, and bars close by

Where to eat at Beau Vallon?

There are many restaurants, cafes, bars in the vicinity that offer regional and international cuisine. Check out the following restaurants and bars at Beau Vallon:

  • Beach Shak Grill
  • Baobab Pizzeria
  • Wooden House Cafe
  • La Plage Restaurant
  • The Boat House Restaurant
  • La Perle Noir Restaurant
  • Gecko Bar (Savoy Seychelles)
  • Coral Asia Restaurant (Coral Strand Hotel)
  • Habebee Takeout
  • 1502 Bar (Story Resort)
  • Vasco’s Restaurant (Story Resort)

What to do at Beau Vallon beach?

Visit a Center for Water Sports

There are diving centers that organize support for divers visiting coral reefs and other interesting locations. Sailing instruction, water, and underwater equipment rentals, and ocean fishing are all available through sports clubs. Parasailing, scuba diving, diving, canoeing, and water skiing are all available to visitors.

Join a fishing Excursion

To experience the thrill and beauty of deep waters, book an individual or party fishing adventure off the coast of Beau Vallon. You’ll also get the opportunity to fish for some of the world’s most unique fish species. You can arrange a half-day or full-day excursion tour to have an out-of-the-ordinary pleasure.

Enjoy a day at the beach

The majority of your time in Beau Vallon will undoubtedly be spent on the lovely beaches. Due to the hot and humid atmosphere, early morning and evening are considered the best times to visit Beau Vallon to enjoy its beach life. Admire the gorgeous sunsets while basking in the sun, sitting back and relaxing while watching locals and visitors play and swim in the shallow seas.

Visit a store

You really must fill your luggage with exquisite handmade souvenirs from one of the little stores along the beach at the end of your journey. Jewelry, crafts, and other hand-made products are among the items available for purchase.

Is Beau Vallon good for snorkelling?

Yes, Beau Vallon is good for snorkelling. YOu can see many fishes including barracudas, sea turtles, and eagle rays. There is a coral reef at the south end of the beach.

How to get to Beau Vallon?

Beau Vallon is located on the west coast at the northern part of Mahe Island, between Glacis and Bel Ombre. Get can here by bus, rental car, or taxi, you can also easily reach Beau Vallon from Victoria; the popular beach region is only 3 kilometers from the capital city.

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