Anse Takamaka Beach

Mahe Island

Following a long twisty coastal road from Baie Lazare, you reach Takamaka bay, which at the northern end is topped by a collection of boulders. At the southern end of the bay lies Batista Restaurant, with great views up the beach and a popular buffet for Sunday lunch, but otherwise the beach is mostly empty, with a few shops and art galleries around Anse Takamaka tucked behind the treeline.

The deep green takamaka trees that form a backdrop to this fine white sand beach give Anse Takamaka its name. This beach, which is not to be confused with the other Takamaka beach on neighboring Praslin Island, is one of Mahe Island’s greatest. The beach here dips gently into the ocean’s clear shallow waters and is normally safe to swim in, however, the currents can be strong, so check before going too far out.

The sand goes out into the breathtakingly magnificent blue crystal clear waves, and there are plenty of palm trees and takamaka trees for shade.

Anse Takamaka is an excellent place to try snorkeling because there is a lot of marine life to view. Because there are no rentals at the beach, you will need to bring your own equipment. You may eat at the restaurant right on the beach, and you can also see a massive tortoise corral. This is a fantastic place to take a family vacation.

At either end of the beach, archetypal Seychelles boulder formations may be found, and the views out to sea and behind the mountains are breathtaking. You should bring your camera to record the splendor of this location. You will enjoy this Indian Ocean location whether you are sunbathing on the fine sandy beaches or snorkeling in the shallow waters.

The Four Seasons Seychelles Resort is 7km far away and the Kempinski Seychelles Resort is only 5km far from Anse Takamaka.

A TripAdvisor user wrote: “Anse Takamaka was the first beach we visited because we chose to stay on this beach. It is bit far from Victoria which adds to its serenity, this is pristine and very less crowded beach. One much consider coming here if wants privacy and solitude.

What do do at Anse Takamaka?

  • Go Snorkelling
    Snorkeling here can be a terrific experience due to the abundance of marine life. Because there are no choices for renting snorkeling equipment on the beach, you must bring your own flippers and masks.
  • Have a swim
    The beach in Anse Takamaka is also good for swimming because the water is not too deep and shallow, allowing novice swimmers and children to swim around freely.
  • Try Paddleboarding
    Paddleboarding in the shallow, calm water is also an option, as is a short walk around the lovely tiny bay.
  • Have Lunch
    Anse Takamaka is an excellent place to spend a day with your family. The Chez Batista restaurant offers a spectacular Creole lunch buffet every Sunday, which is liked by locals and tourists. This is the spot to go if you’ve ever wanted to try red snapper directly on the beach.

What we like at Anse Takamaka?

  • Anyone staying on Mahé can easily get to Anse Takamaka.
  • Beautiful sand and towering palm palms characterize this stunning, gorgeous beach.
  • Chez Batista, a notable Creole restaurant located close to the beach.
  • The sun is shielded by a large amount of shade from trees.
  • The beautiful takamaka trees that earned the beach its name are a great place to snorkel.

Is Anse Takamaka good for snorkelling?

Yes, absolutely, turtles, rays, eels, and a plethora of colorful fish can be seen snorkeling to the left. To avoid the rocks, enter from the middle of the beach. The left side of the beach is more protected from the waves and swell. It’s also a good depth for swimming.

How to get to Anse Takamaka?

Anse Takamaka is located in the lovely south of the Seychelles main island Mahé, directly along the very peaceful road that circles Mahé, making it quite easy to reach by car, bus, or taxi.

Within 50 meters of the beach, there is parking and a bus station, ensuring convenient access for anyone staying on Mahé.

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