Praslin Island

Sandy beaches and coconut palms make for a memorable holiday.

Praslin Island is a haven of bright skies, turquoise seas, and lush vegetation. The weather is pleasant all year. As a result, you can visit at any time of year with your family or as a pair, depending on your preferences.

Beautiful white sand beaches line the island, where you may unwind in front of a clear blue sea.

The natural splendor of the shoreline will also leave an indelible impression on you.

The seafloor is equally stunning, with a wide variety of marine life and colorful species visible even in shallow seas. In this wonderful setting, we’ve hand-picked some of the most opulent hotels with rooms overlooking the Indian Ocean for you.

Imagine yourself viewing a spectacular sunset while being soothed to sleep by the soothing lapping of the waves on the beach – this is just a taste of what awaits you on Praslin Island.

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Praslin Island

Praslin is accessible by boat from either Mahe or La Digue, with the catamaran taking 45 minutes from Mahe and 15 minutes from La Digue. The voyage to Mahe is gorgeous, but the waters can be turbulent, so if you get seasick easily, you might want to take the plane instead. The passage to La Digue takes place on calmer waters, and the journey is short enough that motion sickness should not be an issue.

Flights from Mahe to Praslin airport take about fifteen minutes and cost only a little more than the boat if you are flexible with your departure schedules. The planes utilized are tiny ‘twin otters,’ which have two propeller engines mounted on a wing lifted above the cabin, providing wonderful views of the sea and islands below. With up to fifteen passengers crammed into a tiny craft, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s hot and sweaty but well worth it for the spectacular vistas.

Although Praslin airport is located between Anse Kerlan and Grande Anse, the greatest transportation time from the airport is unlikely to exceed 30 minutes.

Praslin Island is surrounded by nature. The Vallée de Mai is a primeval tropical forest that has been successfully conserved. UNESCO has designated the wildlife reserve as a World Heritage Site. Botanists will be delighted to discover endemic species such as the coco de Mer. At the fork in the route, you’ll almost certainly see the famed black parrot native to Seychelles.

Excursions to the islets that surround Praslin Island are plentiful. Curieuse Island, and Cousine Island, are tranquil sanctuaries surrounded by lush vegetation. During your stay, seabirds such as white gulls and fairy terns will keep you company. We recommend our great hotels for a stay for two, where refinement and elegance are beautifully mixed to bring you well-being and relaxation.

At the Constance Lemuria or Raffles Seychelles Resort, take some time to unwind in a wonderful steam bath. Put on your walking shoes and explore the hiking trails that criss-cross the island to regain the delight of breathing pure air in a conserved environment once you’ve had some rest.

Praslin Attractions

Discover attractions and activities on Praslin Island

Valle de Mai Praslin

The Vallée de Mai

The Vallée de Mai, as designated by UNESCO, is without a doubt the island’s most important natural asset. It’s known as the “Garden of Eden of Praslin,” and it’s home to a dense jungle full of ancient and unique palms and Cocos de Mer. We’re in the center of the primary forest, at what’s considered Seychelles’ wildest spot. We encourage that you go through the “Valley” on the walking pathways. The Glacis Noir route is open to the public and spans a large section of the forest, allowing you to learn about the region’s indigenous vegetation. A must-see for all nature enthusiasts!

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Walking and Hiking

If you feel like stretching your legs while on vacation in Praslin, you should know that the island has a plethora of hiking routes! For us, one of the most stunning is the one that connects Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio, two of the island’s most magnificent beaches. The trail winds through the rainforest, allowing you to get up and personal with some of the world’s most beautiful creatures and vegetation. You can also walk along the Côte d’Or by following the Salazie hiking trail, which is around ten kilometers long.

Pearl Farming Tour

Praslin is the keeper of Seychelles’ aquaculture heritage and home to the world’s largest pearl farm, where you can learn about the development of black pearls, a rare black pearl with copper tones. The Praslin Aquaculture Farm trip will teach you more about these remarkable black-lipped clams, as well as how they are created and harvested. You’ll also have the option to buy a keepsake, such as a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings, at the end of the tour.

Baie Sainte-Anne

St. Anne’s Bay, Praslin’s commercial center, is the island’s most important seaport, as it is here that boats from La Digue and Mahé arrive. With its hospital, school, and magnificent white church, the village of the same name is the largest in the area. Eve Island has a business district with a variety of shops, a boat repair shop, a fire department, and a primary school.

Excursions to neighboring Islands

When we introduce visitors about Praslin, we usually recommend that they go on an excursion to see the nearby islands. Curieuse Island is a must-see for its large concentration of gigantic tortoises. On Cousin Island, we recommend visiting a nature reserve home to a variety of rare bird species as well as hawksbill turtles.

Aride Island, to the north of Praslin, is also one of our favorite visits due to its lush greenery and diverse fauna. Not to mention the Saint-Pierre, Chauve-Souris, and Round Island islands.

The Praslin Museum

Visiting the Praslin Museum is one of the best methods for us to learn about Seychelles’ cultural and historical history. This is a facet of travel that is all too frequently overlooked, despite the fact that it is intriguing. This museum, which is dedicated to the arts and popular traditions, is operated by a young enthusiast who decided to dedicate two rooms of his home to exhibitions of images and artifacts from the colonial period. There’s also a collection of medicinal and endemic medicinal plants outside, like the bwa jolicoeur, which is used to treat diabetes. Visitors are also encouraged to participate in local customs by learning how to shell a coconut, for example.

Praslin Beaches

Enjoy beautiful wild beaches for an unforgettable stay

Some of Seychelles’ most gorgeous beaches may be found on the island! Among our favorites is Anse Lazio, a beach with a turquoise lagoon, fine white sand, and tropical foliage in the background that has all the makings of an earthly paradise. Then there’s Anse Kerlan, which is southwest of Praslin. It is more than a kilometer long and provides one of the most stunning sunsets on the island, as well as a spectacular view of Cousine Island.


Anse Lazio Beach

Praslin Island


Cote d’Or Beach

Praslin Island


Anse Boudin

Praslin Island


Our expert opinion of Praslin Island

Above all, Praslin Island is a natural and maintained location. A lush green paradise nestled in the Indian Ocean’s turquoise waters, surrounded by exquisite fine sand beaches. The island is a dream place that will make you feel as if you are at the end of the earth.

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