Seychellois Culture and Cuisine

Seychelles has a multicultural culture

The culture of Seychelles is characterized by the diversity of its population, which has settled in the archipelago over time. The cosmopolitan population, which hails from Asia, Europe, and Africa, is reflected in all aspects of life, including architecture, crafts, and cuisine.

As a result, you will have the opportunity to uncover a true cultural melting pot during your time in Seychelles. The proof is that Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and people of other faiths coexist. It is possible to approach a spectacular Hindu temple in Victoria.

You should not miss visiting the craftsmen in their shops or markets to fully immerse yourself in Seychelles culture. You’ll be able to observe them at work creating a hat out of coconut fiber, jewelry out of shells, and bamboo sculptures.

Your immersion will, without a doubt, be the most intense during one of the many events that mark the Seychellois’ lives. Every autumn, the Kreol festival, in particular, takes place for nine days and honors Creole culture in all of its forms. You will be able to see sega performances as well as traditional song and dance acts.

The Seychelles National Day, which falls on June 29 each year, is also a highlight on the local calendar. The Seychellois use fireworks, displays, and concerts to commemorate their freedom from British dominion.

Victoria is decked out in her finest holiday garb, complete with Seychelles flags and lanterns. It’s a chance for local families to join together, as well as tourists, to take in this lovely time of togetherness.

Seychelles cuisine

Seychelles cuisine, a journey to the land of taste

Seychelles’ cuisine is as diverse as its populace. What’s not to like about this deft blend of African, Indian, French, and Chinese flavors? Gastronomy in Seychelles takes you on a voyage through the world of seafood, spices, and tropical fruits. Under the warm sun of the Seychelles archipelago, coconuts, pineapples, mangoes, and papayas ripen.

The most traditional cuisine of the archipelago may be found in all of Seychelles’ premium resorts. The coconut curry, a fish or meat stew stewed in coconut milk and spices, is one of the territory’s signature meals. Rougail is a characteristic Seychelles Creole specialty. It’s tough not to be seduced by this fish, which is seasoned with tomato and a ginger-lime concoction.

A unique culinary trip awaits you in the Seychelles, in a world based on seafood, spices, and exotic fruits. Tasting Seychelles cuisine and learning about its origins allows you to immerse yourself in the archipelago’s intriguing and diverse culture.

Vegetables, such as aubergine, tomato, and pumpkin, add colorful accents to fish and seafood. Indulge in iodized flavors during your stay in the Seychelles archipelago.

It is a meat or fish stew simmered for a long time in a sauce of spices and coconut milk. Seychelles recipes have their roots in Asia, but also in Europe.

Some Creole dishes are unusual, but you must try them! The roussette (Seychelles bat) curry resembles a tropical rabbit stew.

The zourite (octopus) curry is reminiscent of a spicy bouillabaisse. The fish, of which there are many, are cooked freshly caught. The most famous are sea breams, captains, old and bourgeois, whose soft flesh is irresistible with a dash of lime.

The chili sauce, emblematic of the Seychelles archipelago, is presented separately. Don’t forget to ask for a Seychelles beer to accompany your meal.

Imported wine is also available. It is best to choose the South African vintages, which have traveled shorter distances than others to reach the Seychelles archipelago. For dessert, tropical fruits are a marvel in salads, mousse, or tarts. A tasty conclusion to your gastronomic stay in Seychelles.

The Seychelles cuisine is mainly based on the extraordinary variety of fish (the “pwason”, as we say here) that can be found in the clear waters that line the Seychelles beaches: tuna, bourgeois, octopus (called “zourites”), skate and captain are just some of the 800 species of fish and crustaceans that are caught in abundance in Seychelles waters.

  • Curries: spicy curries made with coconut milk, chicken, fish, squid
  • Ladob: can be served either as a sweet dish or in a spicy and savoury variation, made with bananas, yams, and coconut. The savoury version is often prepared with salted fish.
  • Dried salted Fish: is used in various dishes to give it a savoury flavor
  • Shark chutney: made with long boiled and then mashed shark meat
  • Grilled fresh Fish or Octopus: usually served with a sauce made of crushed chili, ginger, and garlic