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For a completely unique holiday experience, choose from an excellent variety of carefully chosen Seychelles Luxury Resorts and Best Hotels.

Luxury retreats, eco-friendly resorts, beautiful beach hotels, villas, and private islands are all available. Are you all set to go? This is where your Seychelles vacation begins. All of the high-end hotel chains are represented in Seychelles.

The Indian Ocean archipelago is nothing short of a paradise on earth, offering vacationers a picture-perfect backdrop. There are countless resorts on the various islands that seem to outdo each other in terms of luxury. Every luxury lover’s pulse beats faster when they see dramatic vistas of the blue ocean, infinity pools at dizzying heights, and opulent apartments.

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Seychelles best resorts, image shows traveler at infinity pool at Fours Seasons Resort Mahe

Seychelles best Resorts

For an unforgettable luxury escape and once-in-a-lifetime experience. 13 of the best Seychelles resorts for an unforgettable luxury escape.

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Private Islands

The most exclusive private islands: holidays in a universe of their own. Turquoise water, sand as fine as powder sugar and palm trees.

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Best Seychelles Hotels

Sink your toes into the sand and lift your head up into the clouds at one of the handpicked 4-Star hotels ready to cater for your every need.

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Affordable Hotels

Fantastic resorts, boutique hotels, villas and apartments at a reasonable price!


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The Seychelles – 115 dream islands and pure luxury

The kind of places that make a trip unforgettable.

The Seychelles dream islands are located 800 kilometers east of Kenya and 1000 kilometers north of Madagascar, or nearly “1000 miles from everywhere.” There are no dangerous animals or cyclones, and tropical diseases such as malaria and hepatitis have never been seen. All year long, the sun, pristine palm beaches, and a gleaming blue sea can be found here in abundance.

There are 115 islands in the archipelago, but not all of them are inhabited. In addition to the relatively well-known “Inner Islands” of Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue, there are a number of coral islands that give visitors tiny natural wonders but do not allow for larger communities due to their low altitude.

Seychelles was dubbed the “Garden of Eden” by the earliest seafarers. And with good reason! A luxury vacation in Seychelles is a trip to paradise. Endless dream beaches, beautiful blue ocean, and breathtaking flora and fauna abound on the 42 granite and 73 coral islands. Each island has its own personality, secrets, and narrative to tell.

Discover our hand-picked luxury resort and hotel recommendation in Seychelles provide absolutely top-notch accommodations amidst shady coconut palms, tropical jungle, the finest sandy beaches, and a turquoise blue sea.


The protected paradise of Seychelles

UNESCO has designated the ‘Vallée de Mai‘ in the south of Praslin as a World Heritage Site in order to safeguard a variety of plant and animal species, including the wasa parrot, fruit dove, and Seychelles bulbul.

Enjoy the fabled splendor of the white palm beaches, where the only footprints you may see are your own. Explore hidden pathways through the ancient forests and be amazed by Creole food, which is as unique as the people themselves.

Seychelles’ distinctive ecosystem has been mostly conserved. Seychelles has focused on the best hotels from its inception. As a result, there is now a large selection of the best resorts in Seychelles to choose from for your personal luxury vacation. On your round trip across Seychelles, relax on secluded bays and beautiful sandy beaches, participate in a variety of activities, or visit one of the private islands!

In Seychelles, you’ll find practically unfathomable opportunities to make your vacation different and entertaining. Diverse sports such as diving, sailing, horseback riding, and deep-sea fishing, as well as colorful and stunning tours to the group’s most attractive locations, await you.

If you want to learn more about the culture of this varied country, go to the capital, Victoria, on Mahé Island. Here, you’ll get a strong sense of colonial architecture mixed with exotic life, which will soon enchant you. Good bus transportation alternatives also allow you to gain a better sense of the beauty of Seychelles by exploring the vast island of Mahé.

Because of their diversity and natural beauty, Seychelles is well worth a visit. Aside from the amazing landscapes, there are plenty of holiday activities to choose from, including sports, paradisiacal sunbathing, and fun hours in the sea – everything you’d expect from an incredible vacation. Couples are increasingly booking the islands for an amazing romantic vacation.

Our Tips depending on what kind of traveller you are

Seychelles have something to offer for everyone. We have put together the best Seychelles tips for you.

1. Luxury Resort Holidays

A journey to Seychelles is a luxurious experience in and of itself. Nature lavished her treasures and created a picturesque setting that could not be more opulent. The ideal conditions for a one-of-a-kind vacation. Villa-style resorts with private pools and all the amenities of home on picture-perfect beaches.

You can listen to the waves from your bed, and your sight travels beyond the horizon. Chefs at 5-star hotels prepare Creole specialties and create impressive dishes. Saunas, special beauty, and wellness treatments are available in fine spa facilities. Private plane charters for the hour can be arranged by the receptionists.

Spend your vacation on one of the private islands in the lap of luxury. The hoteliers of the Seychelles Luxury Resorts, in particular, are passionate about environmental protection. They utilize the proceeds to fund projects aimed at preserving the world’s unique and vulnerable island ecosystem.

2. Couples

Couples consider Seychelles to be an ideal honeymoon destination. It’s time to cut ties with the rest of the world. Peace and unity. The sea and palm trees There’s a resemblance to Adam and Eve here. More than any other location, islands evoke a sense of community. Saying “yes” on a white beach while a breeze delivers the words and the murmuring sea blesses you.

Many couples fulfill their dream of marrying under the palm trees and live to tell the tale for the rest of their lives. We recommend booking your Seychelles wedding with the best wedding planner because they will handle everything for you. They provide wedding packages that include formalities, transportation, wedding ceremonies, flower arrangements, champagne, wedding cake, and a candlelit meal.

Popular wedding beaches include Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue, Anse Lazio on Praslin, and Beau Vallon on Mahe. Also, read our guidance on the best hotels in Beau Vallon.

Excellent service, candlelight Creole specialties, and the comfortable environment of the rooms round out the togetherness of romantic hotels shaded by large palm trees.

3. Families

Children are welcome in Seychelles. If you travel from Europe, Russia, Asia, or America, you will find yourself in a family paradise. The circumstances could not be more favorable. Especially for older children who have outgrown the need for baby cribs and high chairs (not all hotels are adapted to small children). Both the air and the sea are warm, and the beaches are flat and soft, with clear water. The palm plants provide shade. There are no vaccination requirements, and there is no malaria in Seychelles.

Families can escape from the beach by visiting Mahe’s botanical garden, which is located in the capital Victoria and features a diverse collection of tropical flora. Children learn a lot about Seychellois culture and customs while visiting the capital, such as wandering through the market.

Only in Seychelles can you find the Coco de Mer palm tree. The enormous heart-shaped seeds captivate both children and adults. It grows in the Vallee de Mai National Park on the island of Praslin.

On a tour to Curieuse Island’s quiet beaches, giant tortoises slither around and get a lot of petting. The Black Pearl Ocean Farm on Praslin Island teaches pearl cultivation, which is a thousand times better than mathematics.

4. Beach Lovers

The top Seychelles resorts and beaches are the main draws for visitors. Large palm trees provide a shady canopy over small bays. The coasts are dusted with gleaming white coral sand, while the Indian Ocean whispers or roars in a variety of blue hues in front of it.

Many hotels can be found around close to popular beaches on Mahe Island (Beau Vallon), Praslin (Anse Volbert); others are scattered throughout the islands. Most resorts and hotels offer breakfast, half-board, or full-board lodging; some hotels also offer all-inclusive packages.

The majority of the resorts are villa-style and situated on the beach, surrounded by large palm trees. Wooden pathways lead from freshwater lakes to the sea. Warm colors, dim lighting, and plenty of wood dominate the atmosphere of the room, conveying a sense of security.

FAQ – Seychelles Holidays

When is the ideal time to visit Seychelles for a vacation?

Seychelles’ 115 islands have a tropical environment with year-round air temperatures of roughly 30°C and an average water temperature of 26°C. Between May and October, when there is no rainy season, is the greatest time to visit. The northeast trade winds bring heavy showers and thunderstorms in the winter, but you may also expect short, warm rainfall in the other months.

Is every island in Seychelles appropriate for a holiday?

The Inner Islands of Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe are most popular with tourists. Unlike the Outer Islands’ coral islands and atolls, practically all of them are composed of granite. The majority of the island nation’s 90,000 residents dwell here. Almost a third of the Seychellois live in Victoria, the capital of Mahe.

What should I pack for my Seychelles vacation?

When entering the nation, you must present a valid passport as well as a return or onward ticket if you are traveling alone. The three-pin English sockets require an adapter, which can also be obtained locally. To protect yourself from the sharp corals, bring your snorkeling equipment and bathing shoes. It’s preferable to purchase small amounts of the official currency, the Seychelles Rupee (SCR), while you’re there; you may usually pay with euro cash or a credit card.

Is there anything particular to remember while on vacation in Seychelles?

You have excellent English and French communication skills. Although nudism is uncommon, toplessness is frequently accepted. In this highly protected island paradise, the residents are more allergic to environmental sins: Don’t throw trash on the beach, remain on the walkways, and respect the smoking restriction, which is necessary due to the risk of fire. Shark attacks do happen on some beaches, although they are rare. If in doubt, inquire about the current threat status with your tour guide.

Are there any health precautions I should take before visiting Seychelles?

Please refer to the COVID19 travel regulations for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, before traveling, tropical specialists advise checking and perhaps refreshing routine immunizations as well as receiving an additional hepatitis A immunization. Malaria is not present in Seychelles.

In Seychelles, what kind of transportation is available?

On Mahe, public transportation is convenient, but on Praslin, it is worthwhile to rent a car. Keep an eye out for left-hand traffic. Many destinations on La Digue may be reached by bicycle, which can be rented locally. It is feasible to travel between islands by ferry, plane, or helicopter.

What activities are available in Seychelles?

Swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing, and surfing are among Seychelles’ most popular vacation activities. You can also go on exciting walks in the islands’ gorgeous national parks and protected regions. A trip to a spice or coconut plantation, a pearl farm, or Victoria, the capital, is also recommended. Our Seychelles Guide has further information on activities.

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