Anse a La Mouche Beach

Mahe Island

Anse a La Mouche is a gorgeous broad sweeping bay with beautiful vistas and scenery, but it isn’t the best beach in the area because the seas are shallow and the high tide takes away a lot of the sand.

There are several areas along the bay where you can swim or rest on the sand, but unlike Baie Lazare or Anse Takamaka to the south, the bay is not a continuous stretch of beach. Swimming and snorkeling are ideal under these conditions, with the water being safe for swimmers and children as long as they stay near the beach.

The Mango House Seychelles by Hilton and the Pineapple Beach Villas offer wonderful views over the sea and the Indian Ocean, and there are several local merchants around the bay. The surrounding settlement also marks the start of the Chemin Les Canelles, which is a shorter and gentler climb than the Chemin Montagne to the north, and less wild than the road between Quatre Bournes and Anse Forbans on the east coast.

You might be able to discover local fishermen selling their catch of the day along the roadside if you time it right. Overall, Anse La Mouche is an excellent location for exploring Mahe’s southwest.

What we like at Anse a La Mouche

  • Because of the shallow water, ample shelter, and easy access, it is ideal for families.
  • Nearby, you’ll find shops and restaurants where you can have a nice dinner or stock up on supplies for a beach picnic.
  • There is enough shade to keep you safe from the sun.
  • Views of the sunset from the beach are breathtaking.

How to get to Anse a La Mouche?

Turn left out of the international airport and proceed south on the main road until you reach Anse Royale. Continue the road until you see the green “Les Canelles” road markers. Turn right into Les Canelles Road and continue down the other side of the slope to the crossroads. The seashore is directly ahead of you if you turn left at the intersection. The whole trip time is around 25 minutes.

Which restaurants are nearby Anse La Mouche?

  • L’Indochine Restaurant at the Kempinski Resort, Baie Lazare, Mahe, website
  • Anse Soleil Café, Anse Soleil, Mahe, website
  • La Gaulette Restaurant, Baie Lazare, Mahe
  • Chez Plume Restaurant, Anse Boileau, Mahe

Top hotels near Anse La Mouche

Valmer Resort & Spa

Mahe Island

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Top Hotels near Anse La Mouche

Kempinski Seychelles Resort