Anse Geogette Beach Praslin with boats mooring

Anse Georgette Beach

Praslin Island

Anse Georgette is a really gorgeous beach in Praslin that goes unnoticed. Anse Georgette remains calm, hidden away in the grounds of the Constance Lemuria Resort, unoccupied, unspoiled, and a magnificent shade of blue, while Anse Lazio wins prizes across the world.

Despite Seychelles’ growing popularity as a tourist destination, Anse Georgette has maintained its sense of solitude, making it an ideal site for lovers seeking solitude. The beach’s beautiful sands are ideal for sunbathing, and the calm, clear water draws swimmers and snorkelers alike. The stunning vistas of Anse Georgette, on the other hand, are a highlight for many visitors.

Apart from being completely undeveloped, what makes it so special is that there isn’t a single rock or piece of coral in the bay, allowing the white sands on the seabed to create beautiful turquoise-colored water with no blemishes. It is, in our opinion, the most beautiful beach on the island.

  • Note: During the northeast monsoon swimming and snorkeling can be unsafe, as waves can rise very high.

Its location is both a blessing and a curse. For guests at the Constance Lemuria, the situation couldn’t be better – the beach is set away from the resort across the golf course, with an hourly buggy service to drop you on the beach, and towels, water, and optional picnics provided. For visitors from outside the resort, the process is more complicated, as the resort seeks to limit the number of visitors to preserve the beauty of the site.

A Tripadvisor member wrote: “This is without a doubt one of the most stunning beaches we’ve ever seen! And we’ve seen quite a bit! We walked for around 20 minutes from the resort’s entrance and were the first ones on the beautiful beach! The little bay is surrounded by greenery, with blue calm water and white beach. Perfect! We wished we had more time to enjoy it!”

What we like at Anse Georgette

  • Ideal for couples and families, though children should always be supervised.
  • Sun protection is provided by trees in the form of natural shadow.
  • The beach has lovely water for swimming or snorkeling.
  • Anse Georgette is one of Seychelles’ few unspoiled beaches.
  • Alternatively, Anse Georgette can also be reached by boat.
  • The resort offers snorkeling equipment for rent to its guests.

How to get to Anse Georgette?

You’ll need to pass through the nearby Constance Lémuria Resort to get to Anse Georgette, which is a simple task. Both the resort and the beach are located near the small domestic airport on Praslin’s northwest coast.

The resort’s well-kept path, which also goes to the resort’s golf course, can be used to get to the beach. You can go to the beach whenever you like, day or night, as long as you have permission from the resort ahead of time. The resort only admits 30 non-guests each day on the beach.


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