Takamaka Rum Distillery

Takamaka Rum Distillery, Seychelles

Takamaka Rum Distillery

A journey to Seychelles isn’t complete without a stop at Takamaka Distillery, which is located along Mahé Island’s beautiful shoreline. This is the only commercial rum producer and exporter in Seychelles, having been established in 2002 by two brothers from the d’Offay family. The Trois Frères Distillery, set on a magnificent estate that was originally a tropical spice plantation site, offers an amazing experience.

The Takamaka Rum Distillery Tour and Garden Tour are very informative and are among the most popular Seychelles sites, attracting an increasing number of travellers to the wonderful island of Mahé. At the distilleries’ La Plaine St. André restaurant & bar, raise a glass to Seychelles with these native spice-infused rums and even partake in a professional rum-tasting.

The restaurant is a meticulously renovated traditional wooden Seychellois mansion established in 1792 that serves wonderful Creole cuisine as well as delectable Takamaka Rum Cocktails. A retail store, a woodland walkway, a plantation bell, and a sugar cane crusher are all on the Takamaka Distillery premises.

The beginning of Rum distillation in Seychelles

Bernard and his father, Robert, acquired a book on home distillation in 2000 and set out on a mission to make “excellent” rum. Grandpappy René Michel d’Offay, Robert’s father, had sparked his grandchildren’s interest in rum manufacturing by producing the local Creole specialty, Rum Arrangé.

Rum Arrangé was created by macerating leaves, fruit, seeds, bark, and other ingredients for up to six months, after which it was drunk as a digestive or sweetened with cane sugar syrup. It was inspired by how sailors would preserve fruits and spices in alcohol.

Bernard and his father utilized their backyard swimming pool as an interim cooling tower for their improvised condenser, then went to their local grocery to buy yeast and refined sugar and began testing.

They were joined by Bernard’s older brother, Richard, and after more than a year of testing, which yielded both dubious and remarkable trial rums, they officially founded Trois Frères Distillery in Seychelles in February 2002. They distilled and delivered their first order of Takamaka black rum not long after.

Richard and Bernard have developed their skill over the years via their own sense of curiosity and discovery, as well as the restrictions that come with Seychelles’ isolation. It has influenced how they mix and age their rum, shaped their community role, and shaped who they are today as individuals and as rum makers.

  • Monday to Friday: 10:30 – 16:30
  • Saturday and Sunday Closed

La Plaine St Andre Pointe Au Sel
Mahe Island Seychelles
+248 4 283 737
Web: https://www.takamakarum.com/


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